Fishermen-Science Interface

Our Fishermen-Science Interface Programme will help improve the quality and consistency of data gathered by fishermen. It will also help ensure this data is then used to improve the management of the fisheries from which it comes. We are doing this in close collaboration with fishermen, scientists, managers and policy-makers through a process of co-design.




What is the issue?

Resources for data collection are going down; demand for better evidence is going up; fishermen work on ‘research platforms’ every time they put to sea. A solution seems obvious and harnessing this capacity is essential, but it will require fishermen, scientists, managers and policy-makers to collaborate. This represents a challenge for all concerned, but only by working together can this situation be improved – and the implications for getting this right are huge.

Our Fishermen-Science Interface Programme (FSIP) is a first step along this journey for us. We will be creating a space where the issue of fishermen-science interactions can be properly addressed, where collaborative efforts can come to the fore and where current good-practice can be shared. We will leverage our status to establish the protocols, partnerships and frameworks needed to ensure that fishermen collect the right data, at the right time, and in the right way; and that this data is then used to improve the management of their fishery.

We are grateful to Seafish for providing the seed funding needed to establish the FSIP

What are our objectives?

That UK fishermen capture, collate and submit high-quality and consistent fisheries data that significantly improves the management of their fisheries.


Industry data will fill gaps in evidence and improve fisheries management