Our Trustees

Our Trustees live and work in close connection with the fishing industry – throughout the ‘supply and demand’ chain – as either fishermen, managers, representatives, retailers or scientists.

  • Alan Steer

    Chairman: fisherman - England
  • Sean Dennison

    Vice Chairman: fisherman - Scotland
  • Alexa Dayton

    Researcher – Gulf of Maine Research Institute
  • John Goodlad

    Senior Fisheries Advisor to the International Sustainability Unit
  • Steve Mackinson

    Scientist – Scottish Pelagic Fishermen's Association
  • Peter Williams

    Fisherman - England
  • Sandy West

    Fisherman - Scotland
  • James Stephen

    Fisherman - Scotland
  • Gary Hodgson

    Fish producer - England
  • Davey Hill

    Fisherman’s representative – Northern Ireland
  • Alex Philip

    Beam-trawler owner - England
  • Mark Taylor

    Treasurer: Fisherman - England
"Our Fishermen Trustees are here as individuals with a commitment to sustainability - no other agenda". John Goodlad, Executive Committee member