What we do:

As a vehicle of change, we work with others to deliver fisheries that maximise their environmental, social and economic potential.Fishermen committed to sustainability are critical to our success and central to our delivery.

Our approach:

All those involved in Fishing into the Future recognise that the major issues facing our fisheries can be solved using a bottom-up approach – one that improves the buy-in and collective actions of fishers. If their resourcefulness, passion, experience and commitment can be effectively harnessed then sustainable and prosperous fisheries will be achieved. Fishermen must be part of this journey, however, which is why they are involved at the heart of all we do.

Our work:

We provide a unique platform for coordination, enhanced collaboration and participation between the fishing industry and other sectors in order to deliver lasting change for the UK fishing industry. We have a sustainability agenda, but this is driven by fishermen, not external agencies.

The need for all our work programmes comes directly from the shop-floor of UK fisheries – these are services and products that the fishing industry itself has been calling for. We are building a work programme that will allow us to deliver our Higher Level Objectives, with the over-riding aim of achieving sustainable and prosperous UK fisheries. All our work programmes are approved by our ‘Fishermen Trustees’ with a core Executive Committee acting on their behalf.

Our Higher Level Objectives:

  • Support sustainability: to deliver robust fisheries with a long-term outlook
  • Promote innovation: to reduce impacts on the marine environment through good practice
  • Build prosperity: for thriving,  resilient and sustainable fishing communities

Specifically, we want to:

  • Build the capacity of fishers to engage with sustainability issues, practices and challenges
  • Improve the contributions of fishers to fisheries science and assessments in order to establish better real-time management regimes for UK fisheries
  • Provide enhanced engagement opportunities for fishers to share knowledge, leverage their experience and innovate for change
  • Promote good practice across the board in UK fisheries
  • Support fishers and their fishing businesses transition to sustainable fishing practices

We have four main work-areas at present:

"We are the unique position of being able to provide a platform for coordination, enhanced collaboration and participation"