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FITF Steering Group

Fishing into the Future is updating it’s learning materials to create a community resource, to provide widely available materials that improve knowledge & skills in fisheries science, fisheries management, seafood business, and communications and leadership in multi-stakeholder environments.

In order to ensure we have the input and validation from a variety of people working throughout the fishing sector we are asking our supporters to collaborate in a steering group that will guide the development of the materials, and where appropriate, provide content for the relevant materials.

As a member of the steering group, we ask the following:

  • That you participate in a series of flexible meetings and feedback sessions during the next few months (Sept 2021 – Jan 2022)
  • You help us review and give feedback on curriculum design, content of learning materials, and appropriate material delivery
  • Where relevant, providing content to help build learning materials.

To confirm your interest and help us best place your skills, follow the link below:

Get Involved