Supporting collaboration, empowering fishermen

How does it work?

We bring together fishermen, scientists, managers and supply chain professionals, immersing them for 2-3 days to work with the complexities of fisheries science, management and economics away from the pressures of fishing. Trust and a shared understanding are built:  fishermen become more comfortable with the processes involved; policy-makers and scientists learn the inner workings and concerns of the fishing community. Fishermen leave motivated to collaborate further, using what they know to shape the future of their industry and improve their prospects.

Who can attend?

The courses cater for all levels and abilities. There is no need for prior learning – the courses will stretch your thinking but build on your current level of knowledge. The courses are open to all active fishermen, please have a look below to see which course would be most relevant to you.

Track record

Our courses are based on the highly successful Marine Resource Education Programme (MREP). We apply this model with and for UK fishermen, ensuring the content is directly relevant to fisheries here in the UK.


Our Sustainable Fisheries Education Programme is funded by a number of partners. We are campaigning to raise funds to support this work, allowing us to deliver vital training for fishermen for the next few years. If you would like to join our growing team and support our work please contact us directly.