Fishermen are calling for sustainable fisheries

Most fishermen see the need for sustainable fisheries because they are the original stakeholders – and those with the most to loose – when it comes to the fishing industry.

We take action to enable these fishermen to build a sustainable and prosperous industry from the bottom up. We focus our resources on improving the interactions between key sectors: helping to build trust, find common ground and create innovative solutions, which are delivered through industry collaboration.

We work with others to provide fishermen with the tools they need to engage fully with fisheries science and management, and to secure a vibrant future for UK fisheries. The thread of sustainability runs through all that we do – for the sake of the environment, the fishermen and the communities they support.

Our objectives are to:

Support sustainability: to deliver sustainable fisheries with a long-term outlook
Promote Innovation: to reduce impacts on the marine environment through good practice
Build prosperity: to see resilient and thriving communities based on viable fisheries

Sustainability. Innovation. Prosperity.


We want all who go to sea to fish understand the theories and practices of sustainable fishing, and align their businesses with these approaches. To help us achieve this, we are developing innovative pilot training courses that will provide fishers with the tools they need.


Fishermen are resourceful, resilient and highly practical. We support this spirit of innovation and look to help the industry: share ideas and knowledge; increase awareness of good practice around the UK; support and improve the innovation-research-adoption process.

Science and Data

Resources for research are dwindling, the demand for better evidence is going up. We are creating a Fisher-Science Interface Programme to build trust and collaborative action between fishers and scientists to help bridge this gap.

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