Toward Sustainable & Prosperous UK Fisheries

Empowering Fishermen
Promoting Collaboration
Inspiring Change
We are a UK-wide charity acting for sustainable and prosperous UK fisheries. "By fishermen, for fishermen", we seek to create and realise innovative real-world solutions for a complex industry.
We provide fishermen with the tools they need to engage with fisheries science and management, placing their entrepreneurial spirit, practical experience and commitment to a sustainable future at the heart of all we do.

Our Work

We punch above our weight, focusing our resources on improving interactions between key sectors. Our aim is to sustain both fish and fishing - building viable futures for fishermen and fish-stocks.


We would like to thank all those who fund or support our work. We would like to give special thanks to: the Gulf of Maine Research Institute and their Marine Resource Education Programme (MREP) for their invaluable support in building our Fisheries Resource Education Programme; to Seafish for their ongoing support; and to the Prince of Wales' International Sustainability Unit for their personal involvement in the charity.