Fishing into the Future

We are an independent UK Charity – established by fishermen, for fishermen – dedicated to charting a course towards sustainable and prosperous UK fisheries.

Many fishermen have been champions for sustainable approaches to their industry for years, but for too long their voices and good work have been lost or gone unrecognised. Here at Fishing into the Future we are building a constituency of these fishermen, galvanizing them as leaders and champions to take forward the sustainability agenda from within the industry.  

We provide them with the tools and platforms they need to build a sustainable industry from the bottom up, and to influence decision-makers to this end.

We look to move beyond conflict; to find common ground and collaborative solutions that deliver fisheries which maximise their environmental, social and economic potential.

We believe in strengthening the Sustainability-Innovation-Prosperity cycle: our objectives are to:

Support sustainability: to deliver sustainable fisheries with a long-term outlook
Promote Innovation: to reduce impacts on the marine environment through good practice
Build prosperity: to see resilient and thriving communities based on viable fisheries

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Sustainability. Innovation. Prosperity.


Farmers need to know about yields, land-use and other issues so that they can be better stewards of the land they manage. There is no equivalent training for fishers. We want to fill this gap so that all who go to sea to fish understand the theories and practices of sustainable fishing, and align their businesses with these approaches. To help us achieve this, we are developing innovative pilot training courses that will provide fishers with the tools they need.

Fisheries Innovation Network

Fishermen are born inventors - resourceful, resilient and highly practical people who constantly want to improve what they do. We are building the Fisheries Innovation Network – or F.I.N. for short - to encourage this spirit of innovation and to address the challenges fishers face in achieving sustainable fisheries. We will provide a platform to: share ideas and knowledge; increase awareness of good practice around the UK; support and improve the innovation-research-adoption process. Our Fisheries Innovation Newsletter keeps you up to date with all innovation news in the UK fishing industry.

Science and data

Fishermen have the opportunity to collect valuable fisheries data every time they put to sea. But time is precious on board and they need to know that the data they collect will improve fishery assessments. We are creating a Fisher-Science Interface Programme to build trust and collaborative action between fishers and scientists. We will work in partnership with others to deliver our aims, and improve the assessment, management and prosecution of UK fisheries.

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