Our Mission

To chart a course toward sustainable and prosperous UK fisheries

Our Vision: Industry

Fish stocks are robust, with fishermen at the heart of successful and sustainable stock management. Yields from the sea are optimised; a vibrant industry sees a prosperous future. The contributions of fishermen are valued as stewards of the sea, they work closely with scientists and contribute data that has utility and salience to inform management and policy.

Our Vision: Environment

Fisheries operate within the carrying-capacity of the environment; ecosystem function and connectivity are maintained through spatial management measures. Fishermen demand, and are rewarded for, reduced impacts on the wider environment; they lead by example as stewards of the sea.

Our Vision: Society

Retailers source from sustainable fisheries across the sector. Fishermen benefit from improved access to markets, diversification and equitable access to fishing opportunities. Legislation ensures a level-playing field for all, communities are supported by long-term and sustainable management.