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By Fishermen : For Fishermen

Who are we?

We are a UK-wide charity acting for sustainable and prosperous UK fisheries. “By fishermen, for fishermen”, we seek to create and realise innovative real-world solutions for a complex industry.


What are our aims?

Our aim is to sustain both fish and fishing – building viable futures for fishermen and fish-stocks. Our vision is for a progressive, modern industry that harnesses the potential of fishermen to deliver long-term, sustainable and prosperous fisheries.


What do we do?

We address core challenges within the fishing industry:

People and Skills

Data Deficiency

Engagement and Insight

We believe that improving interactions between people delivers tangible benefits and look to assist fishermen to acquire the tools they need to engage with fisheries science and management, placing their entrepreneurial spirit at the heart of all we do.


How do we work?

We focus our resources on improving interactions between key sectors: building capacity, promoting collaboration, empowering fishermen and inspiring change. Primarily, we bring people together in the search for common ground, helping diverse stakeholders see they share a common purpose. We place the entrepreneurial spirit, practical experience and commitment to a sustainable future of fishermen at the heart of all we do.



Toward Sustainable & Prosperous UK Fisheries

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