Introduction to Sustainable Fishing


Our Introduction to Sustainable Fishing programme lifts the lid on fisheries science and management and gives fishermen and other professionals involved in smaller-scale and non-sector fisheries the language, tools, insights and relationships they need to navigate modern fisheries.


We bring fishermen, scientists, managers and supply chain professionals together for 2-3 days in a neutral setting, where they work with the complexities of fisheries science and management away from the pressures of fishing.

Fishermen leave motivated to collaborate further, using what they know to shape the future of their industry and improve their prospects; scientists and managers gain a deeper insight into the inner workings and concerns of the non-quota, smaller-scale fishing community.


This programme is aimed at small-scale, non-quota fisheries in the UK. It caters for all levels and abilities, building on your current level of knowledge: no prior learning is required. The programme is open to all active fishermen, but professionals from other sectors such as processing, supply and fleet management are welcome. We offer finance to support fishermen who might otherwise not be able to attend the courses

Please  contact us if you want to find out about future events.




“This programme strips down the complexity of our systems to a level that fishermen on the deck can understand. Traditionally I had thought sharing meant sharing data, but in fact it is sharing understanding”

Dr. Carl O’Brien – CEFAS


A shared understanding for people working in the UK fishing sector