Supporting collaboration, empowering fishermen



The very best fisheries management relies heavily on collaboration and dialogue but a lack of investment has left many fishermen without the tools and opportunities they need to navigate the complex fisheries science and management systems of modern fisheries.

Our Sustainable Fisheries Education Programme (SFEP) bridges this investment gap, bringing fishermen, scientists and managers together to build trust, share ideas and develop a common language about the issues in fisheries.

Our team of world-class fishery professionals works directly with the UK fishing industry to give UK fishermen unparalleled opportunities to engage expertly with the regulatory processes that govern their livelihoods, giving them the tools they need to drive change, improve their prospects and participate in shaping a sustainable future.


Take a look at the links below to find out more about our different programmes – example programmes, presentations and online application – and to explore some of the resources we are developing to support collaboration.



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